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From the Writing Cave: Revisiting the Starships Trilogy | SciFi Romance


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Hello, my wonderful reader peeps! Welcome back to another writing blog. I know, how do I keep all of my projects straight? I just can, okay. The day I write this post, I am reading the first book in my SciFi romance trilogy, Starships. This book is titled Montgomery, after the county where the MC grew up.

This is one of the first books I outlined(mostly outlined). I pants nearly all of my books leading to "The Queen's Host". Of course, this was back when I did not truly understand what outlining/plotting was. I did my best. It did take a year for me to complete the book, but that was because I'd started it while I was staying with family. Trying to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo 2018 was ... I wanted to write that month, but I had a lot going on. I was also trying to start a cover design/virtual assistant business. Needless to say, I had to schedule my time accordingly. We won't get into some of the comments I got from some relatives.

The second and third book in the Starships trilogy do not have outlines. Though the third book does have a base because it picks up where the first book left
off. It will also pick up where the second book ends.

My focus is not on this series right now. Sometimes open my "Firefly" file and I will write a few sentences. I think the book will benefit from a regroup. I want to write out a outline and flesh out the idea better. If I can do this, I think my writing will further improve. And I want to finish this series because its important to me. I loved writing "Montgomery" and I loved reading other books to see how the authors wrote out certain scenes. It helped, so much. I still reach for those books and read my favorite parts. They are really good.

I also wish to point out the fact there are 2 spin-off books planned in this series/world. Starships is futuristic SciFi with strong female characters. A lot of their goals are fighting for the people they love, or fighting for something they strongly believe in. They travel across the skies and find love in unexpected places. The main plot for each book is romance, so I just barely tough the SciFi details. But they are present.

I hope you found this post interesting. There is so much more to my SciFi writing, but I will save the topic for a future post. I am trying to keep a steady blog schedule or 1-2 posts every week. If you like the posts I am sharing, I hope to see you back here very soon. Stay safe, stay awesome. See you in the funny papers!

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