Tuesday, 23 March 2021

From the Writing Cave: New Christian, Urban Fantasy Series?


The blog post you are about to read was typed three months in advance.

Hello, wonderful reader-peeps! Today's post is all about the new series I have sitting in my pile of notebooks... Okay, it is not so much a "new series" as it is a spin-off extension of a current story. Who remembers my short Christian fantasy story, Spirit Warrior? I haven't worked on this story in so long. And yes, one of my recent posts has to do with a new sci-fi series, but I feel this will be moved up in the queue, after the Xiphis Saga.

Let's recap the Spirit Warrior plot.
Spirit Warrior follows a young woman who is torn from her family after a massive earthquake and she finds herself trusting a young man who saves her life from a demon-possessed wolf. This is all I can allow myself to reveal because this is what readers know from current chapters in the book. <---- (Old cover art since I have begun playing around with designs again ...)
Until now, I've only classified this story as Christian fantasy, but as I dive deeper into outlining, I am getting a bucketload of inspirational sparks. I mean ... check out my elevator-pitch.

"Shadowhunters, but for Christians."

Intrigued, anyone?
The difference is that my series will have more Biblically based characters/plotlines, less romance (it will have something, but it won't be a focus), and a little more respect for Christian history. I'm not knocking on Cassandra Clare's writing in any manner. I love her series, I read one of her books(on the DL, because it isn't really something I will read consecutively). I just know who my audience is and I don't want to throw them off by any means. Also, I am not going to copy her books. This just happens to be the best comparison title to the outline I have in mind.
As a Christian in an industry ruled by non-Believers (not knocking any of you, I still love you), the majority of the reading material out there isn't what I would feel comfortable taking from the shelf. There are some exceptions, but I won't get into those right now.

Granted, this idea could evolve into something else, but I feel that I have a great foundation. Especially when I hope to continue my fantasy, Bible retelling series, The Six Kingdoms of Kurii. I happen to love Christian fiction in fantasy or fairytale form. If I shared with you the titles of the books on my shelf, it would take up the rest of this post. Maybe I should share a post on this topic one day.

I have never written an Urban Fantasy before. But I know there is a massive difference from other Fantasy subgenres. I've written Urban Sci-Fi, I think. Probably not a story many people know of because I never published it anywhere. Probably never will, sorry. I don't even know where the file is hiding. No, it's not Project Y.

Anyway, that is all for now. I have a full post with further details on what this new book/series will actually be about ... It's so good. Truly, it is going to be so good.
Stay safe. Stay awesome. See you in the funny papers!

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