Tuesday, 9 February 2021

From the Writing Cave: Victoria Mitchell & Hazel Frostdust


Hello, readers! Today's post is going to be about two characters within the Xiphis world and how they have completely hijacked my writing attention. If you can guess how they are connected to the Xiphis world, and to each other, comment below!
First up on the agenda is Victoria Mitchell. I have mentioned her name in the past. Hopefully, it was on this blog and I believe it was here. Victoria is a character in The Xiphis Saga, someone very close to the main character. Not only is she the granddaughter of a character in my paranormal romance, "Heaven's Door", but she is most present in the Xiphis world.
When I first created her character, I knew she would have an important role in my book(s). I knew all of the decisions and the sacrifices she would have to make. Because, spoiler alert, she takes on a task to protect an important symbol of the Xiphis world. Her soul/life becomes linked to this ... object ... and is bound for the rest of her life. It's an "immortal" life, but still!
Side note: This link prolongs her life, but it doesn't mean she cannot die.
The next character I am sharing is Hazel Frostdust. Big spoiler here: she is Regina's daughter and she has a fraternal twin brother. He's two minutes older and has a huge role in the Xiphis world, but more on him another time.
Hazel is a strong, semi-independent sixteen-year-old girl. She has really interesting abilities, which she shares with her brother and her parents, but she is also unique and stands out. She is a princess with a desire to protect her kingdom, and the biggest spoiler I have for you, at the moment, is that she wants to become an army general.
Originally, I was not planning to give her a huge role in the world. She was mostly a secondary character I had planned. But then she started yelling at me as I was writing ... *fake coughs* a special book/series ... and I couldn't tune her out.
Why am I mentioning these two characters? Well, I thought outlining their books would help make them quiet. Nope. It didn't go well. Because now I'm writing some chapters for their books. I have tried to focus on The Burning of the Bridge, Xiphis Saga Book 2, but it is not working. So I'm riding the creativity waves. If you want to know more about these characters, comment below! Because I will be sharing more about them soon. Stay safe, stay awesome. See you in the funny papers!

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