Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Writing: Goals, Writing Progression, and Too Many Book Ideas

Hello, Readers! I know I already shared a post about some of my new goals for 2021, but I was sitting down to journal about an accomplishment I recently made and ended up extending my goals list. So, this is an extended look at some more goals I have for this new year. If you wish to see my previous post about my 2021 Goals, CLICK HERE.

As previously mentioned, my #1 goal this year is to write and complete The Xiphis Saga. (Yes, there is a companion novella.) I want to get these books finished and ready to debut. I once thought my fantasy romance, Anerathian Princess, would be my publishing debut. This is no longer the case. I know my writing has massively improved in the last three (3) years. Looking back, AP was my best work, until now. With this said, once I've finished this series, I will move into the next bulk project.

The next "bulk project" will most likely be my superhero, post-apocalypse series. Or maybe it will be the Xiphis sequels. Which, yes, I've already outlined a three-book sequel series. (Blog post on this topic coming soon.) One of my minor goals is to write down all of my new book ideas, outline them, but not actually focus my writing time on them while I am focused on the current ones.

However, I do still have the Starships Trilogy and spin-offs; several fantasy-romance short stories/novellas are sitting in "The Pile". The second Starships book is underway. The only thing holding me back is how I don't have much of an outline for it. Not like I did for the first book. But even the first book was mostly "pantsed" during the drafting phase.

An addition goal I've given myself is to learn how to draw my own characters. Last week, I bought a drawing course. It was on sale. I'd been seeing it around for a while (a full year) and thought, "what the heck? Go for it!" If interested, check out my enrollment here.

Drawing, while it is not a strong skillset, I've always wanted to learn. Especially when I know I can use those skills to upgrade my book cover designing. Huge inspiration for the cover designs I like and want are the covers for ALL of Elise Kova's fantasy books. Amazing! And, sure; she commissions all over her cover art, but she deigns them all herself. I believe she said this in a live stream once. 

I do not think there is much more to this post. I don't want to crowd myself with too many goals. So, take care. Stay awesome. See you in the funny pages!

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