Friday, 15 January 2021

From the Writing Cave: Making Tons of Progress!


Hello, lovely peeps! Well, the Xiphis Saga sequel is going phenomenally well. I'm sitting on just over 9k words right now. This is progress! I am being very productive with the time I have to write. I am following the advice of the Reedsy YouTube channel and not procrastinating. Just writing.
I started my art course the other day. I'm on the third lesson and I'm really enjoying it. What more? I'm actually getting it! I am super excited to progress further in the course. And as I do this, I also have to finish the Summer Writing Course I started in Summer 2020. I fell behind due to personal stuff, but I never intended to "not" return to the course. I'm the type of creator who continues to learn and absorb as I go forward.

My outline for the PuertoRican Supers series is coming along. I have my work cut out for me. I want to work on the series, but my mind is currently focused on the Xiphis Saga and I don't want to move away from this momentum.

Speaking of momentum ... I have a post coming, in the near future, in which I will talk about the expansion of the Xiphis world. I do not wish to spoil anything right now. So keep your eyes open for that.

Regina (Xiphis Saga) is truly growing as a character. I love the development taking place. She's not too different from when I first created her, she's just growing into a better version of herself.

Speaking of "growing into a better version", this is a topic I will cover in my coming post about the Xiphis expansion ... I said no spoilers ... One of Regina's relatives will go through major character growth. There, that's all I will say.

In the event you didn't catch it, here is the official cover for The Burning of the Bridge, the Xiphis Saga Book Two!

I did an official reveal on Wattpad, and I glazed over it here on the blog, but maybe I didn't make it extremely noticeable. When the physical edition of this book is created, I plan to have a set of SPECIAL EDITION covers with bonus content. Because I do have a set of different covers that no one has actually seen me share. No, not the Wattpad covers I shared at the creation of this series.
I know that I always say that I write for myself and not for the reads/numbers ... But I think I do want some validation for the Xiphis world. I mean, what author wouldn't want to know if their creation is worth the sweat and tears? This is probably why I've entered the first book, TBBW, into so many amateur book awards on Wattpad. I'm just trying to get feedback. CLICK HERE TO READ THE BOOK.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I've got to get back to writing and work. See you in the funny papers!

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