Friday, 3 June 2022

From the Writing Cave: The Pull & Pub | Author, E. S. Elias


Hello, readers! It's time to further discuss my plan to publish my novella, THE LARK'S PEARL. After some encouragement from a fellow ONC author, publishing this story is going to happen sooner than later. 

One of the things I believe I should decide first is whether I want to revise the prologue/epilogue or not. Because I wrote the prologue/epilogue in 3rd person, present-tense, and the rest of the story is written in 1st person. I really like the way it reads and I believe it turned out amazing. But I also know some readers might be turned off by this writing style. Hence, the decision which needs to be made.

Additionally, I have already been setting up the eBook and paperback for this book. The paperback version was already in motion as I was writing the book because I have been preparing to get a personal copy printed. Now that the story is actually complete, I can get the printing done.

While it is not totally needed, I will be adding a publishing imprint to the details of my book. I already have the website set up. It is just to have in case people decide to search the imprint name online. I have been in conversations where a reader searched a publisher's name and came up empty, leading to them returning the book. I think that is just dumb and ridiculous.

Anyway, I've carved out a deadline and a publication date for the book. I want to do as much as I possibly can. I didn't do anything "fancy" for the PRINCE IN DISGUISE paperback release and I wish I did. But I can do better this time around. I am also thinking about making it a pre-order, but still undecided at this time.
There won't be a cover reveal or a blog tour (it's not in my budget), but I am going to do a blow-out release blitz. If any of my followers are interested in helping me share the release, all you gotta do is comment below and I will send you a form to fill out so you can receive the release packet. The form is just so I can see what platforms people would be sharing on.

At this point in time, the latest I will have this book published is July 11th. That is the deadline date I've given myself. However, I might move the date forward and have the book released in June. June is my birthday month. I might consider publishing many of my books in my birthday month.

My next post will be about my current WIPs (Hint: Anerathia Chronicles) and there will also be a shameless self-promotion post for PRINCE IN DISGUISE. Thank you for joining me. Stay safe, stay awesome. See you in the funny papers!

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