Friday, 22 April 2022

From the Writing Cave: How Did I Do in the ONC Round 2? | Author, E. S. Elias


Hello, readers! My book, THE LARK'S PEARL, passed into Round 3 of the Open Novella Contest! I've actually shared this news on The WriMo Blog, but seeing as this book pertains to my E. S. Elias pen-name, it is only right I share it on this blog as well.

I am so excited to see how this book does in Round 3, but this means I need to really tucker down and get the finale finished and posted. I have already submitted to the next round, but I gotta mark my book as "Complete" on Wattpad to qualify for the Long/Shortlists. I believe I can do it. I know I can do it.

In other news, I finally have my pearl necklace in my hands. I've been wearing it for a few days now and every time I see it or hold it in my fingers, it just reminds me of the goals I accomplished this year. It was worth the wait.

Publishing news. With the paperback of PRINCE IN DISGUISE now out in the world, I've had to really consider which book I will put out next. And it is actually quite clear which book I need to put out.

PRINCE IN DISGUISE is actually one of 6-7 short stories in the TALES FROM ANERATHIA SHORT STORY COLLECTION, even though it was posted as its own book on Wattpad. I did have 3 more short stories finished and posted publically. But then as I was reorganizing The Anerathia Chronicles, changing titles and things, I unpublished the collection to make changes. I haven't gone back to finish the remaining stories but I think this is the path to follow in my next publication.

My reasons for making this decision involve an eBook collection of the stories and the individual paperbacks for the stories. This leads to the removal of PID from Wattpad and the only way to read the digital version is through the collection. However, this also means pushing my focus to work on THE QUEEN'S HOST rewrites and publishing that book. Will that happen in 2022? Not likely, but it is a goal I can push forward. Additionally, each of the short stories takes place before or during the main-series storyline. Without explicitly spoiling the main story, I do think I managed to plan Easter eggs in the short stories. Allowing readers to enter the world of Anerathia in wait for THE QUEEN'S HOST.

Hopefully, this has all made sense. I felt strongly to share these details and I feel good about it. Thank you for joining and reading here, today. Stay safe, stay awesome. See you in the funny papers!

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