Wednesday, 6 October 2021

From the Writing Cave: New Series Name | No! Not the series you think!


Hello, readers! Been a while, but believe me, the distance between posts is well worth it. Because today, I am sharing with you more title changes. No, not the Xiphis Saga! I'm cemented with those new titles. Let's dive in, shall we?

What titles am I changing, exactly?

I am changing the series title. Not even the full title. Just the one
 word: "Æmienix." Although very unique and is the name of this fantasy world/dimension, it has to go. Because the pronunciation is difficult and every time I go to put it in text-to-speech, the voice just doesn't say it the way I have been saying it in my head for the last 4-5 years. Thus, my reasoning for the change. It is not a far-out change, it is still very close to home and I am only changing the one word...

"The Anerathia Chronicles" 
The Queen's Host - This book is getting a face-lift as I'm still working on revisions. It is looking amazing. not to toot my own horn anything. But really, it is looking so much better and this is a book for which I have received high praise. And for the moment, I am only gonna plan a single sequel and take it from there. My plan for 5 (FIVE?!) books in this particular series, is just not the path to take. So a duet with some spin-off shorts it is. I wish I could show you my Anerathia notebook right now, but then it would spoil all the fun.

In other news, I'm sharing the title for the second book (if you follow me on Wattpad, you know it already: The King's Promise.

I have also been working on a historical time-line for this series. Because as it turns out, several of the spin-off short stories and sequels coincide with the main series. I am actually very invested in this series, I just need to kick myself in the @$$ and get it moving. ... I know, I say that about all my books, but it remains true.

I believe this is all I have for now. Thank you for joining me. Stay awesome, see you in the funny papers!

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